Beginnings are such delicate times

So I’m a blogger now! I suppose just having a blog doesn’t make me a blogger its the act of actually blogging on that makes someone a blogger. Which really does make this the most delicate of times; you see I’ve never blogged before so this is all very new to me.

Blog’s though aren’t new to me, I’ve been reading other peoples blogs for a while and have spent a lot of times reflecting on the views of others but never really having a place where I can articulate my own. I guess for the longest time I chose to be one of those deaf mutes, out of convenience or perhaps it was apathy and a certain amount disaffection with the industry I once loved.

What’s changed I guess is that I’ve spent the last six months working in an environment unlike any I’ve been in before. The infectious enthusiasm of a team of incredibly passionate and extremely talented geeks @ Talis has not only helped me rediscover my own passion for developing great software … but helped me find my direction again.

So I guess what this is … is a place where I can share my thoughts, share some of the lessons I’ve learnt, voice my opinions on anything and everything … and its also a place where I can blow off a bit of steam every now and again.

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