Jumpcut: Creating a photo flip book online

Jumpcut is a really cool online service that allows you to create movies with a soundtrack comprised of images that you either upload or import from an existing flickr account. It’s really simple to use, in fact I learnt about it on PhotoJojo who provide a very simple tutorial that steps you through what you need to do.

Below is an example I created really quickly by importing my photos of kashmir from my flickr account. The background music is my bamboo flute, ive overlayed the same track twice ( it didnt run the entire duration of the movie, so you’ll hear two flutes playing about half way through – sounds beautiful tho!). It took about 3 minutes to create this, I used one of the built in transitions but I could have easily spent time varying the transitions between each picture as well as the duration that each picture is show. It’s an incredibly simple tool to use, and has the immediate effect of bringing your photo’s to life.

Have a play around on jumpcut.com and try it for yourself, I think it’s a great way of sharing your photos.

One thought on “Jumpcut: Creating a photo flip book online

  1. Oh my life! The flute playing is amazing – couldn’t think of a more appropriate backing track for the fab photos of Kashmir. Surely you are ‘fibbing’ – it isn’t really you playing is it??

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