Teaching kids to code

Really interesting talk, that demonstrates Greenfoot a development environment designed to make it easy for novices to learn programming in Java.

The students at high school levels might not be as commited to programming and we have tried to create an interesting program that should engage the student. In order to do this, we acknowledge that students has different opinions on what might be interesting. Hence, we sought to create a flexible environment that could be customised for the specific group of students. Furthermore, in the design of greenfoot we considered the different learning styles of students.

I’m not sure if I agree entirely with this approach but I do welcome anything that helps engage students. On reflection though the top down pedagogical approach to teaching and learning that Greenfoot encourages is something I am in favour of.

One thought on “Teaching kids to code

  1. I’m also interested in things that help to teach children and young people to code. I remember how enormously empowered and excited I felt as I began to gain mastery over my ZX Spectrum (yes, I’m that old) at 12. I’m trying to pass this on to my son, but to be honest, computers now are much less hackable than they were. I sometimes wish I could give him a Spectrum, the manual, and a colour telly, and see how far he gets.

    On the other hand, his favourite game on the computer at the moment is ACS Logo, so maybe we’re making some progress.

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