My name is Nadeem Shabir and I work as a Technical Lead at Talis on a number of exciting and challenging projects which involve, amongst other things, the building of a distributed, generic metadata storage platform and a range of Web 2.0 applications built upon it.

Here’s a little information about me …

I’m a graduate of The University of Birmingham, where I studied Artificial Intelligence & Computer Science. After graduating I worked for several companies ranging from working as a developer at an internet startup called aQtive; all the way to spending several years working as a Software Architect for Data Systems and Solutions – a subsidiary of Rolls Royce. I guess its true to say that I have over a decade of experience working with a range of different tools, languages and environments. I consider myself priviledged to be working now at Talis, alongside a team of incredibly passionate and extremely talented geeks.

In addition to my work my other interests include playing the Guitar, cooking, playing for an FPS Gaming team, MMA and reading (and watching) far,far too much Science Fiction and Manga.