Tom Heath Joins Talis

2008 is going to be a very exciting year for our development group at Talis. We have a number of interesting projects that we are working on in addition to extending and improving our Platform technologies – to that end I think it’s great that Tom Heath has joined us as a researcher. For those who don’t know him, Tom is one of the people behind, which won the 2007 Semantic Web Challenge. I’ve been an admirer of Tom’s work since first meeting him last year and I genuinely think he brings a great deal of expertise on recommendation systems to the team. I’ve spent a few days working with him last week on some R&D work we are doing and what strikes me about Tom is firstly that he is great fun to work with, and secondly that he is extremely passionate about his areas of interest. I’m really looking forward to working more closely with him and learning a lot from him.