Cool Bash One-Liner: Post files to Platform Store

As part of some small prototyping activity I had to convert a whole load of data into rdf. My problem was that the files I had generated were scattered around in a very hierarchical directory structure, but all I wanted to do was find them and most them to a platform store. I really didn’t want to have to post them one at time manually. I knew I could do it using a bash script but my scripting was a bit rusty … so I asked Rob, he showed me how to do this …

  1. span class=”st0″>"*-issue.xml.rdf"‘s!^\./\([0-9]*-issue.xml.rdf\)!curl -v -d @\1  -H content-type:application/rdf+xml!’

Cool, huh? 🙂

For the un-initiated, the find locates all the files I want to post which in my case ended with -issue.xml.rdf. The sed search and replace matches the filename, and then replaces it with a curl command, inserting the filename as a parameter @\1. Finally the generated curl command is piped to bash which executes each generated line.