Once upon a school

TED Talks are often described as being inspirational, and they are. Nothing epitomises this quality more than this talk by Dave Eggers, in which he challenges the entire TED community to personally, creatively engage with local public schools. He talks about his 826 Valencia tutoring center which has been the inspiration for many similar initiatives around the world – a volunteer driven wildly creative writing labs. Dave is an energetic and passionate speaker, full of humour and an infectious enthusiasm and it’s hard not to be totally overwhelmed as you listen to him.

He has set up a web site called Once Upon a School where he asks people share their volunteering and teaching stories. To appreciate just how well received Dave’s initiatives have been, and how much they are helping pupils around the world …. Time Magazine once wrote this about Dave:

“Many writers, having written a first best-seller, might see it as a nice way to start a career. He started a movement instead.”