Introducing the Semantic Web Gang

Talis has a launched a new series of podcasts to add to the range currently available. This new Semantic Web Gang is a monthly show hosted by my colleague Paul Miller, and brings together a collection of experts in the field to provide their insights and discuss current news relevant to the Semantic Web.

The gang currently comprises of:

  1. Greg Boutin
  2. Mills Davis of Project 10X
  3. Tom Heath another of my colleagues at Talis
  4. Daniel Lewis of OpenLink
  5. Alex Iskold of AdaptiveBlue
  6. Thomas Tague of Reuters

It’s a great first outing for this series. The first show was very broad reaching and packed quite a lot into a relatively short amount of time but I thought it was really interesting hearing the different perspectives each of these guys brought to the discussion. I enjoyed listening to their views on whether they believe, as Tim Berners-Lee, intimated in a previous Podcast with Paul, that the Semantic Web is ready for mainstream adoption. Their views carry some weight given that these guys are some of the people at the forefront in bringing the Semantic Web vision to reality. Listen to the talk and find out what they think ;-).

You can read more about this on Paul’s Semantic Web Blog over at ZDNet, and I also think its great that ReadWriteTalk have also decided to syndicate the show here.

Well done Paul!