Processing is a Open Source data visualization programming language. I first played around with it about a year ago. I was recently reminded of it by Rob, and have started playing with it again. However, I just discovered that earlier in the week John Resig released his JavaScript Port, Processing.js. So far it looks amazing, virtually all the demo/example applications that are shipped with Processing are running using the CanvasElement in JavaScript. I’m going to have a lot of fun with this.

John deserves a huge amount of credit for this contribution.

One thought on “Processing.js

  1. I’ve been using Processing.js a lot over the last couple months and I definitely agree, Processing.js is awesome. Much props to John for the beautiful way the code is written, making it much easier for us lesser webbies to come along and adapt it, while learning a few neat coding tricks along the way.

    If you’re interested in Processing.js, there is a new Google Group at:

    And I have my personal collection of Processing.js examples, experiments, demos and tutorials at:

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