… i’m married :)

Many people have been mailing me and asking why I haven’t blogged in a few months, and where I have been. Well in short I took a month off to get married to Sadia 🙂 We are both very happy ;-). I’ve started putting pictures of our wedding into a set on flickr here, as well as some general scenic shots taken around Kashmir into a different set here. I have around 3,500 photos to organise and upload so you’ll have to bear with me 😉 Here’s a couple from the wedding pictures set:

3 thoughts on “… i’m married :)

  1. Great Pictures Nad, your Wife looks wonderful, you are a lucky man, now you have to dedicate yourself to keeping her happy.

    Penny and I, will have to travel up to Brum when you and Sadia are settled in, to say hello.

    I take it the furniture shown in the pictures will not be installed in your house,, methinks it wont fit from what I remember of it.. lol

    We both wish you two, wealth health and happiness for the future years, you certainly deserve some, after the last few years m8.

    Best regards


  2. Hey mate,

    its about time someone got to kepp you in line. hehe.


    To you both. Have a long and happy life together bro, you deserve it, you both do.


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